Nox-Crete’s Deco-Peel is an innovative blanket system for removing acrylic sealer from decorative, stamped concrete. Rather than struggling with extensive labor to strip and clean-up, pressure washing or harsh chemicals, Deco-Peel combines a powerful solvent and controlled blanket to lift away old sealer in a controlled fashion. Deco-Peel is as simple as rolling out, rolling on and peeling off. To begin, roll out the specially-engineered blanket over the worn acrylic sealer. The blanket is easily cut and shaped to fit any patio, walk-way or decorative concrete shape. Roll on the Deco-Peel using a 3/8” nap roller. Apply the Deco-Peel until the blanket is fully saturated. Once the Deco-Peel is applied, the powerful solvents dissolve the acrylic on the concrete’s surface. As the Deco-Peel solution dries, the blanket absorbs the worn acrylic right into the fabric. After the Deco-Peel dries, the blanket will separate from the concrete slab. Simply lift the blanket from the concrete slab and throw it away. The Deco-pee blanket is biodegradable and requires no special treatment to be cleaned up. With a blank slate, your decorative stamped concrete is ready for a fresh coat of a high-quality and compatible sealer from Nox-Crete Products Group.

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Restore your Decorative Concrete with with Nox-Crete’s Deco-Peel and Natraseal – Step by Step.