An acrylic sealer is only as good as what lies underneath.

Multiple heavy layers of acrylic can create a white cloudy appearance on beautiful decorative concrete, caused by moisture trapped below the surface. In addition, acrylic can yellow, fade or even flake off the surface after extensive sun exposure. Applying a fresh coat on top of the failing sealer will only enhance the problem as time goes on. Contractors can avoid repeat surface whitening or blemishes by stripping decorative concrete before resealing.

However, stripping an acrylic sealer is no easy task.

In 2013, Nox-Crete introduced Deco-Strip, a fast and environmentally friendly solution for removing sealers. The application involved rolling on Deco-Strip to soften the acrylic and pressure washing the surface to remove the softened resin. While this application was fast and easy, it wasn’t very controlled and the resin could create messes near homes, pools or landscaping.

Deco-Peel builds on Deco-Strip technology and solves the same sealer-stripping problem – with an even simpler application process! Using a specially engineered fabric to absorb the softened acrylic resin, Deco-Peel eliminates the need for a pressure washer. Simply roll out the fabric on the sealed surface and saturate with Deco-Peel. When ready, peel off the fabric blanket and dispose. Simple, fast and controlled.

“Deco-Peel, builds on what we learned from two years of Deco-Strip applications,” said Michael Linn, President of Nox-Crete Products Group. “We created a new formulation that works with the engineered blanket application to simplify the stripping process, saving users from renting or buying pressure washers and eliminating additional clean up.”

After a Deco-Peel appliction, the concrete surface is restored to its original condition and ready for a fresh coat of a high-quality, breathable sealer.

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