Everyone in the concrete field will agree, that when pouring concrete, it is crucial to have the proper tools for the job. From beginning to end, the better the tool, the better the finished product. We at Marshalltown have been committed to delivering the highest quality tools for over 125 years. It is our mission to continuously change the world with innovative, user-friendly products. We have continued this great tradition with the introduction of the new Octagon Placer. The Octagon Placer features the Patent Pending octagon design; originally made popular by the Marshalltown Octagon Snap Handles. The octagon profile provides an edged surface, greatly increasing grip strength by up to 20%. This means that the user will experience less fatigue and wear during the concrete placing process.

The new octagon design allows for greater slip resistance over a standard round handled placer, even with wet or sweaty hands. By increasing the points of contact on the handle, the octagon placer gives the user the ability to place the concrete without losing grip of the placer, potentially slowing down the pouring of the concrete and creating additional strain on a time sensitive process. The Octagon Placer is made of lightweight aluminum and is powder coated to keep your hands from turning black from oxidation. The placer’s light weight makes it the ideal tool for anyone that is pouring even the largest slab, due to less stress placed on the user’s body.

The textured surface of the powder coating, not only gives the benefit of additional grip, but ensures that the placer will last even after years of use. Even the new style handle cap was created to decrease the weight and increase the overall functionality of the placer. The new cap is smaller and lighter weight than a standard handle sleeve, eliminating the possibility of the sleeve falling off of the placer while in use and is press fitted on the inside of the tube to keep concrete from entering the handle. The placer comes with either a standard or open angle blade design. The open angle design of the blade allows the user to get closer to existing walls or other obstacles, with less hassle and required position changes.

The placers can be easily distinguished either on the jobsite or when looking to purchase by the color of the powder coating. The standard blade placers are powder coated blue, while the open angle placers are powder coated red. Both style blades on the octagon placers feature braces for additional strength and are offered with and without a hook. The hook makes grabbing and placing the rebar in the wet concrete easier and eliminates the need for multiple tools. The octagon placer is the perfect tool for any crew.

The features of the Octagon Placer by Marshalltown will increase productivity, improve finishing time and reduce the wear and tear that would normally come with the placing process.

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