Penntek’s new Hyperpoxy is changing the way epoxy floors are being installed in today’s market. Penntek Industrial Coatings looked at the challenges facing the installer that wanted a custom and durable flooring solution and challenged their chemists to come up with an answer. Hyperpoxy is the innovative and ground breaking solution.  This 100% solids, rapid cure epoxy reduces typical cure times from 8-12 hours down to 1-3 hours while maintaining extreme adhesion, self-leveling properties, and a high gloss finish. Faster installations mean a quicker return to service for the customer creating a more profitable project for the installer. Hyperpoxy offers state of the art technology that features easy mixing, long working times, zero VOC’s, and an extremely rapid cure time. This material is the perfect choice for any application where time is an issue. In today’s world, customers demand a custom look in a short amount of time and Hyperpoxy gives the installer the ability to deliver. From 50 square feet to 10,000 square feet, Hyperpoxy can be applied easily every time with minimal installers allowing for maximum savings on labor and down time.  Hyperpoxy is available in clear and nine standard colors, giving the installer virtually limitless options with different systems and color combinations. Metallic projects can now be installed three times quicker than the current traditional technology. Hyperpoxy is the answer to all your epoxy timing issues, from solid color floors to full chip floors, this material is eliminating the epoxy down time problems in today’s market.  Hyperpoxy keeps crews working, projects being completed, and customers being satisfied!

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