Every year Hanley Wood's Most Innovative Products contest gets better. Now in its third year, the contest again includes the Experts' Choice and Attendees' Choice awards, highlighting the products that save you time and money. Everyone at the World of Concrete will have the opportunity to walk the halls, check out the contestants' in person, and vote on their favorites. However, this time we have chosen an even wider array of products. In addition to the World of Concrete and World of Masonry products, keep an eye out for products from the new Technology for Construction pavilion and the Producers Center. In all, we have 69 products in 17 categories.

Now we ask you to place your bets, as they say in Vegas; cast your ballot for the products you think should be recognized as the Most Innovative Products of the year.

Ballot boxes will be located outside the World of Concrete Bookstores in the Grand Concourse and South Lobby. And to prove that this is no losing bet, your reward for casting a ballot will be an all new collectible World of Concrete lapel pin.



Accurate laser tool

The Hilti PD 32 Laser Range Meter provides fast, accurate measurements with an effortless touch of a button, and it fits in a pocket, pouch, or tool bag. Aim the laser and press the button, and the unit immediately displays the distance up to 600 feet with pinpoint accuracy. It enables one person to take highly accurate and access-free distance measurements. It's great for estimating job sizes and measuring concrete pour volumes. The unit adds and subtracts distances, and features minimum/maximum and Pythagorean functions, a vertical bubble level, side measuring key, and built-in optical sight. Hilti Inc., Booth N2617, 800-879-8000, www.hilti.com

Convertible skidsteer

The Loegering Versatile Track system allows you to operate your skidsteer with tires or as a full rubber track undercarriage, depending on your need. Converting your skidsteer into a compact track loader takes less than an hour. The machine still has a smooth ride and excellent traction, with increased power. An independent bi-directional torsion suspension provides better operator comfort, with more traction and stability. The VTS is available on a variety of machines with wheelbases from 42 to 51 inches. Loegering Mfg., Booth C7666, 800-373-5441, www.loegering.com


Radio-controlled concrete finishing tool

The Tibroc CF-40 is a radio-controlled power trowel that can finish a concrete slab flatter than a walking power trowel without setting foot on the slab. The sturdy machine weighs only 85 pounds and finishes a 40-inch width. Operation requires using two joysticks, but is easier to control than a child's toy; controlling the pitch of the blades and the rpms of each of the motors comes easily to an experienced concrete finisher. All components are cut on computer numeric control equipment for consistent fit on every trowel. White Cap Construction Supply, Booth C4365, 800-944-8322, www.whitecapdirect.com

Fast ride-on power trowel

The Tarantula power trowel is billed as the largest, fastest ride-on trowel in the world. It has a blade-to-blade footprint of nearly 11 feet, with only a 4-inch gap between the blades. Its rotor speed of 200 rpm provides faster finishing for flatter floors with fewer operators. On larger jobs, that means more profits and better chances of winning bids. The longer arms of the spider assembly provide better weight distribution over the width of the machine resulting in 30% longer blade life. The patented blade mounting feature uses a single, easy-access bolt for quick changes. Full-Track USA, Booth O20637, 877-487-6935, www.full-trackusa.com

Combination trowel blades

The Wagman Poly Pro Combination trowel blade uses a precisely sized steel backing plate to add strength and proper flex points, making it durable and economical for ride-on power trowels. It provides operators a cost-effective way to use a combination blade to hard finish concrete floors without any burnish marks. It gives a consistent finished look every time. Wagman Metal Products Inc., Booth N2653, 800-233-9461, www.wagmanmetal.com

Ergonomic power trowel

The CT series walk-behind power trowels are a new concept in concrete finishing. Their design features six patent-pending features that enhance operator safety and control. A gyroscopic safety sensor stops the engine when the operator releases the handle. The trowels are dynamically balanced, significantly reducing the force required for control, which cuts down operator fatigue. Other features include a gearbox break and an engine rev-limiter for safety, and bike-style handles for operating comfort. Wacker Corp., Booth C4303, 800-770-0957, www.wackergroup.com

High-speed surface polisher

The DS600 Planetary Surface Machine is a gear-driven, high-speed floor polisher. The unit has six 5-inch planets that spin at up to 2000 rpm as they rotate around the center. This lightweight machine also requires less power to operate, and features a special 220-V motor that can be plugged into any 110-V, 20-amp circuit. Its low profile allows it to reach under toe kicks, and it also allows finishing directly next to walls. Intertool, Booth S11925, 800-926-9244, www.inter-tool.com

Screed-vibration combo unit

The Hummer Screed Combo is a two-in-one piece of equipment that can be used for vibrating walls or can be adapted to screeding concrete, converting in seconds with no tools. The machine can use high-profile screed bars up to 24 feet long with only one power unit. The Honda engine is elevated off the screed bar for longer engine life and allows the use of more forceful vibrators. JLin Corp., Booth C8417, 877-220-6652, www.multivibe.com

Deep, early entry saw

The X-5000 paver saw can cut a 4-inch deep, dry, ultra-early entry cut. No other saw in the industry can cut this deep, this soon in the finishing process. It is also ideal for ultra-thin whitetopping projects. Other features include dual pivoting headlights for nighttime work, a parking brake, a rear storage compartment, and a lever-operated direct gear drive. Soff-Cut International, Booth C6241, 800-776-3328, www.soffcut.com

Rebar bender/cutter combo

Designed for the professional contractor, this combination rebar bender and cutter is rated for ?-inch, grade 60 capacity. It quickly and safely bends rebar from 0 to 180 degrees. The rebar cutter can be removed for portable use. The unit weighs 90 pounds, and it draws 11 amps at 110/115 V. It includes a standard foot pedal control and a set of bending rollers. Also, an optional bender stand is available. Benner-Nawman Inc., Booth C4145, 800-992-3833, www.bnproducts.com


Improved strength and rheology

Tercem 3000 is a hydraulic cement containing a blend of silica fume, ground granulated blast furnace slag, and portland cement that is ideal when concrete requires additional strength and durability, as well as superior placing and finishing qualities. It provides significant performance benefits, including improved 28-day strengths, reduced permeability, improved rheology and pumpability of concrete, reduced concrete bleeding, ASR reduction, and improved hot weather performance. It can be used in vertical applications and flatwork, including walls, bridges, roadways, and flooring. LaFarge North America, Booth N837, 703-480-3600, www.lafarge-na.com

Fiber-reinforced cement

System-K is an improved concrete system combining the advantages of shrinkage-compensating cement with advanced fiber reinforcement technology. The new synthetic K-Fiber, along with an expansive cement and a plasticizer, eliminate the need for rebar, saw-cutting, and joint filling. It allows contractors to space joints at up to 150 feet, with no cracks and no curling. The results are superflat floors with lower initial and ongoing costs than conventional concrete. Other applications include runways, roadways, bridges, reservoirs, tanks, parking garages, and elevated decks. CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp., Booth S11237, 800-929-3030, www.ctscement.com

Secondary fiber reinforcement

Buckeye UltraFiber 500 is a polymer fiber reinforcement in a novel, new chip form. With more than 700 million fibers per pound, it has invisible finishing characteristics, internal curing properties, and true bonding to the cement paste. It dramatically reduces shrinkage cracking. Made of polypropylene, its multidirectional positioning helps reduce stress caused by shrinkage. As an alternative to wire mesh, it won't rust or deteriorate. It also has excellent dispersion qualities in almost any concrete mix and doesn't require any additional mixing time. Durafiber Inc., Booth N559, 800-844-3880, www.durafiber.com

Long-lasting protection

Moistop Ultra 15 is a Class A under-slab vapor retarder with a low water vapor permeance and high tensile strength. It is made from polyolefin film. With a water vapor permeance of 0.029, it is designed to deliver long-lasting protection at a low installation cost. It is also resistant to chemical and environmental attack. Accessories include Moistop Tape and the Boot for sealing around pipes and conduit. Fortifiber Building Systems, Booth N1463, 800-773-4777, www.fortifiber.com


Easy stripping forms

The Pro-Deck Panelized Forming System uses a standard 6×8-inch grid for a significant material cost savings over existing European metric systems. This innovative deck-forming system can be stripped out while leaving the post shores in as an active reshore. The engineered aluminum panels are significantly lighter than any current system on the market and the high-quality birch fin-ply leaves a superior finish. Pro-Shore LLC, Booth C7267a, 702-566-8580, www.proshore.com

Concrete curing solution

The Topper is a patent-pending solution for covering and curing formed concrete. Made of laminated layers of PolyPop and sealed between woven poly, the product bends, twists, and curves around wall forms and ICFs without absorbing air. It is convenient to use again and again; it can be handled by only one person. The product comes in tailored widths of 12, 18, 24, or 36 inches, while larger, 6-foot widths are available for larger ground heating jobs. NTI Global, Booth N1459, 800-947-7767, www.ntiglobal.com

Self-aligning form hardware

The B-LOC Form Rail uses a unique, interlocking design to automatically align concrete forms while creating seams that will not leak concrete. Designed for use on BEP forms, the system reduces the number of pins or bolts for attachment of forms, reduces labor costs on setting and stripping, and adds 50% more durability and straightness. B.E.P. Forming Systems Inc., Booth N2003, 866-237-3676, www.bepformingsystems.com