The system for crack-free and/or seamless concrete placement is a real-time software and hardware system, consisting of a global server with either direct, continuous, real-time or discontinuous, periodic connection to local portable tablet interface devices.

Information from the construction site is gathered using a one-click or one-touch, when using device with touch screen functionality, approach to facilitate rapid and accurate logging and reporting of the construction processes. This significantly reduces time needed to document jobsite processes, including concrete delivery times and intervals and allows for the real-time input and output. The local portable tablet interface device stores, compiles, and analyses all input data in real-time. The local portable tablet interface device generates outputs using the stored, compiled and analysed input data; regardless of the connectivity to the global server.

Outputs are either automatically generated real-time alerts programmed to notify users that specified limits are approached or exceeded or as requested by users. The local portable tablet interface device distributes generated outputs automatically using electronic communication tools and directly on the local portable tablet interface devices to appropriate users. The local portable tablet interface device transmits all input data and outputs to the global server for compilation in a global database.

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