A single platform keeps everyone—and everything—connected. With the introduction of ProEst Cloud, collaboration among employees, customers, suppliers and partners takes minutes, not days. Cost updates can be made in real time, ensuring that every estimate reflects the latest, most accurate pricing for millions (yes, millions) of individual SKUs. And all project data resides in a single, centralized location that streamlines and simplifies bid creation and project management—from beginning to end. Here’s why:

  • ProEst is hosted on the most powerful Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers available
  • ProEst offers instant, on-demand delivery of customer information, files and other resources
  • ProEst can be accessed with a simple Internet connection on any device
  • ProEst annual subscription format enables seamless updates and enhancements
  • ProEst offers an intuitive graphical user interface that’s easy to use and understand

Evolving cloud capabilities keep contractors on the leading edge. Just as important, ProEst Cloud lets contractors and producers keep an eye on the future. Because the cloud platform is inherently scalable, concrete and masonry businesses can expand in size and geography when and where they need to—without an additional outlay for traditional technology infrastructure that almost inevitably will become obsolete. That saves time and money for contractors now, and down the road.

A competitive advantage for contracting companies of all sizes. In a fiercely competitive business climate, ProEst Cloud provides contractors with an important “leg up” over those companies that still rely on spreadsheets and other outdated estimating methods. In fact, early ProEst Cloud adopters report a new ability to compete for and win bids that might otherwise be unattainable—as well as improved customer relationships and supplier relationships that have led directly to business growth.

Attracting and keeping all of the best people. Even the most advanced technology has no value if people can’t, or won’t, use it. ProEst Cloud is so simple to use that every member of the team can be efficient and productive with their time. And because the cloud platform is accessible to everyone, collaboration among project stakeholders is easy, resulting in faster, better communication, decision-making, problem-solving and results.

ProEst Cloud is re-shaping the future of concrete and masonry construction. ProEst provides contractors with a simple, centralized and scalable platform to create, monitor and manage an unlimited volume of bids, takeoffs, reports and contracts in less time, at a lower cost and with less effort than ever before.

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