• ProEst recognizes two hard truths for today’s concrete and masonry professionals: 1) time is money, and 2) mistakes hurt. Yet many of these contractors are still struggling with Excel to prepare their estimates, a basic business spreadsheet that can be inefficient and even worse, has the potential to produce costly estimating errors. ProEst software, a productivity tool designed to address unique construction industry estimating processes and requirements, changes all of that.

    Here’s how:

    Tight integration with common business tools like Microsoft Excel and Outlook eliminates timeconsuming and error-prone duplicate data entry.

  • A built-in concrete materials database includes thousands of items and pre-built assemblies industry-specific functionality unavailable in Excel and other construction estimating tools.
  • The ability to customize estimating parameters based on individual project or company preferences.
  • An intuitive, user-friendly interface eliminates the need for specialized training and ensures that every staff member can be ProEst-proficient.
  • Direct alignment with leading online plan rooms like iSqFt to keep projects fully up-to-date automatically ensuring industry compliance with the latest specifications, plans and addendums.
  • Proprietary digital takeoff technology allow estimators to quickly and accurately measure lengths, areas and counts on-screen-- paperless takeoffs that save time, storage space and money.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we believe that true product innovation is an ongoing process that never stops. Here at ProEst, we listen closely to our customers, encourage their feedback about features and functionality, and continually improve our product to reflect it. In the last year alone, based on the needs of our customers, ProEst modifications and upgrades include:

    Multiple enhancements of accounting integration.

  • Full integration with Microsoft Project, allowing automatic set up of job schedules using estimate inputs.
  • Project due dates sync automatically with Google calendars.
  • A dozen new client-requested reports.
  • Import options to set up Excel data in ProEst.

How beneficial is ProEst? The results speak for themselves.

  • Concrete and masonry contractors who have chosen ProEst quickly realize gains in efficiency, accuracy and the ability to win bids, contributing to greater profitability and business growth:

    California-based commercial contractor nearly doubled estimating output without increasing staff or expenses.

  • concrete contractor with $25M in annual sales increased efficiency reduces administrative overhead and divisional costs by 18%.
  • Canadian residential contractor was able to reduce takeoff time by up to 50%, significantly increasing output and sales.

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