The new Wacker Neuson HDR 155 Direct-Fired Radiant Heater provides the best solution for outdoor heating applications or heating equipment or personnel in open areas. Because of its rugged design, the versatile HDR 155 can be used in a variety of heating applications, including construction sites and concrete curing. The unit features a heating design unaffected by the elements, so the heat is easily directed exactly to where it's needed. Delivering best-in-class, 155,000 BTU/hour (45 kW) heat input, the HDR 155 easily heats workspaces, workers and objects such as equipment, concrete formwork and masonry wall areas from approximately 15 feet (5 m) away. Since infrared heat radiates directly from the heater’s disc, the HDR 155 does not rely on warming the surrounding air like convection heating, so it produces quick, intense heat.

The direct-fired HDR 155 heater uses an oil flame to heat its stainless steel disc to approximately 1700°F (926.7°C). The shield emits electromagnetic (infrared) waves that travel in straight lines away from the heater, unaffected by wind or weather, to warm objects they hit. Exhaust gases are directed upward, so the heat is clean, dry and healthy. The heater’s 300-series stainless steel front panel delivers exceptional performance and extreme reliability and longevity.

The unique design of the HDR 155 boasts three concentric cones: the inner cone containing the flame; center cone that protects the outermost surface from heat; and external cone constructed of high-temperature-painted carbon steel. The air stream is split between the inner cone to support the flame and center cone to provide cooling air for the heater’s surface. This "refractory free" cooling system results in a significantly cooler heater surface that does not require the expense or maintenance of molded heat refractory panels.

“The Wacker Neuson air-cooled design keeps the rear of the HDR 155 significantly cooler than other radiant heaters on the market,” says David Mencel, Climate Technology product manager for Wacker Neuson. "Ours is a low-maintenance cooling system, whereas molded refractory eventually cracks and must be replaced, which costs the owner hundreds of dollars in maintenance."

The new construction-grade Wacker Neuson HDR 155 Direct-Fired Radiant Heater boasts many rental- and user-friendly features that lower operating costs and provide many years of reliable service. Large pneumatic tires, single point lift bail and tie-downs provide easy loading and transport. Its retractable floor guard eliminates the need for floor mats or other protection, while a two-position, 10-degree adjustable housing offers precise control over heat direction. The heater’s rugged rotomolded plastic fuel tank provides enough capacity for a 15-hour continuous run time, and an optional remote thermostat gives operators control over the temperature at the jobsite.

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