Walz Scale has announced that field-testing is underway on their WLS Volume Load Scanner at multiple locations this Fall & Winter. These field tests are designed to prove the accuracy and reliability of the Walz Load Scanner for managing salt usage per storm event as well as overall salt inventories. Initial reports indicate that the system provides very accurate reporting of actual carried salt volumes per truckload with increasingly accurate stockpile inventory tracking.

Field-testing is also being conducted at a large roadway construction project to verify the accuracy and dependability for managing actual material movement for excavated earth and crushed stone. These field tests are expected to prove the exceptional benefits of cost savings and overall improved accuracies of incorporating the Walz Load Scanner to earth moving projects versus a standard truck scale or manned survey.

Walz WLS Dynamic In-Motion Volumetric Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanner is a revolutionary new technology that uses lasers to scan vehicles in-motion delivering accurate carried volumes and high definition 3D imagery. Typically the system also incorporates RFID technology (RFID Reader and RFID Tags) to automated the scanning process and eliminate the need to man the system. This provides operations with a trouble free and man free system for accurately managing each and every truckload of material. This system also delivers exceptional price savings over traditional methods of managing truckloads such as traditional truck scales and manned surveys.

Walz Scale. www.loadscanner.com

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