• System designed for brick laying

    The Total Scaffold System is a modular approach with all components engineered to lock onto a rosette so few parts are needed. The system is designed for brick laying, can be adapted to overcome steep angles and irregular shapes, and is well suited for restoration and renovation projects.

    Etobicoke Ironworks Ltd., 416-742-7111, www.eiw-ca.com

  • Scaffolds erected quickly and easily

    With a drop-in-place bridge, pass-through wall ties, and fewer parts (no chains, bolts, or cross braces), these scaffolds assemble quickly and easy. Every tower is legal to climb and has an access platform for safe and easy access. They have 5000-lb capacities, extension trusses that allow for up to 13-ft extensions anywhere along the platform, and are rated up to 550-ft high.

    EZ Scaffold Corp., 800-699-6831, www.ezscaffold.com

  • Matching wall height and materials

    Climbing scaffolding systems come in four sizes and keep the wall and materials waist-high all day for better production. The VIP is designed for brick veneers and interior partitions up to 12-ft high. The Junior is used for residential and light construction and has an 80-ft maximum working height. The Beast tops out 36-ft walls while free standing with a 301-ft maximum height. The Heavy-Duty has a maximum height of 552 ft.

    Non-Stop Scaffolding, 800-845-0845, www.nonstopscaffolding.com

  • Pump jack delivers pinpoint accuracy

    The Pro-Jack is an aluminum pump jack scaffolding system that provides pinpoint accuracy when adjusting working heights. Features include adjustable descent control, spring-loaded back-up safety system, and anti-theft chain system. Users can set the scaffolding up to a 50-ft shoulder working height in less than one hour.

    Alum-A-Pole Corp., 800-421-2586, www.alumapole.com

  • Hoist pulley lifts items safely

    Securpulley is used on scaffolding to hoist items safely to the working level. The pulley is easy to set up and tear down. Its patented braking system allows loads to be suspended in the event of work interruption or while resting.

    A-1 Plank & Scaffold Mfg. Inc., 800-625-7510, www.a1scaffold.com

  • Mounting system attaches hoists

    The Scaff-Trac mounting system is designed for attaching hoists to conventional walk-through frame scaffolds. It hangs just under the horizontal members of a frame scaffold, and works with products using 7-ft or 8-ft cross braces. When in place, it allows loads to be rolled back into the scaffold for unloading. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 1200 lb and a cantilever of 3½ ft.

    Beta Max Inc., 800-233-5112, www.betamaxhoist.com