The annual World of Concrete Show — coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 18 – 21 — boasts a wide range of seminars, demonstrations, and exhibitors. Owned by the same company that publishes PUBLIC WORKS, the show also features the Most Innovative Products contest.

Now in its ninth year, the contest showcases tools, equipment, and materials that help make jobs easier for those working in construction. The complete list of products will be on display at the show and at Show attendees and online visitors can vote for their favorite candidates through Jan. 31, and winners will be announced in March. The following are just a handful of products in the running.

Productive, economic ring saw

Dragon Saw cuts items up to 16 in. thick. It can be adapted to any drive power with little blade slippage regardless of pressure. The design also allows for complete diamond wear before discarding the blade. The 16-in. blade cuts 12 in. deep and a 20-in. blade cuts 16 in. deep. The saw's operating advantages include the elimination of precuts, corner drilling, and over cuts.

ACG Saws & Tools of Canada

[Booth O30302]

Self-contained machine for bridge repair

The Pro-Cretor combination shotcrete pump, mixer, and mud jack has a 3-in. S-tube material valve with reversing capabilities, dual hard-chrome-plated material cylinders, variable-speed hydraulic piston pump with remote, diesel engine, wide-axle trailer, and hydraulic surge brakes.

Airplaco Equipment Co.

[Booth S12639]

Alternative to rotary lasers

The Dual Range Ziplevel with optional built-in high-precision scale offers an alternati ve to rotary lasers. The time-saving tool allows instant setup, a one-person operation, 0.005-in. precision over unlimited ranges, no line-of-site requirement or distance error, and no factory calibration.

Ziplevel/Technidea Corp.

[Booth C4147]

Wireless field printer

The Handjet EBS-250 Printer makes durable markings on concrete, concrete pipe, and other construction surfaces. This large character ink-jet printer replaces paint, stencils, and handwritten information. It stores multiple 10-line or 1,300-character messages and uses a noncontact print technology so users can mark objects with diacritical national and graphical characters. Users can edit messages and print using Bluetooth communication up to 300 ft. using a PC. When the printer's batteries are fully charged, workers count on 50 hours of nonstop printing at ambient temperatures.

EBS Ink-Jet Systems USA Inc.

[Booth C4070]

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