Tailored for construction

CMiC for Heavy Construction is project management software tailored to the needs of contractors involved in building highways and other capital-intensive construction projects. The package leverages the features and functions of the company's other products to track and maintain heavy equipment, customize billing, manage risk, and forecast for the future. Computer Methods International Corp., 416-736-0123, www.cmic.ca.

New tools for commercial construction

ControlBoard 2.0 features new tools for the commercial construction industry. Along with an intuitive spreadsheet-style interface and easy drag-and-drop features, it comes with an interactive calendar view, enhanced printing and emailing options, one-click access to location history, and simplified conflict notification. Its “intelligent database” engine automatically updates all information in real time. Congistics Corp., 800-208-3048, www.congistics.com.

Customized software for construction industry

Corecon 4.0 is a customized. Web-based estimating and project management system for general contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders, remodelers, architects, and engineers. Key features of the Subcontractors Edition include a multi-tier breakdown structure with drilldown capabilities, and total control over the estimating process. Ideal for small and medium-sized firms, it's easy to learn and use, providing accurate information on every item in the estimate. Corecon Technologies, 866-258-6698, www.corecon.com.

Win bids through standardized estimating

Bid2Win is a Windows-based cost estimation and bidding solution for the construction industry. Its architecture is built on Microsoft. NET and SQL Server technology for a competitive advantage, performance, and flexibility. It helps construction firms win more bids through standardized estimating, increased accuracy and efficiency, and historical analysis. Bid2Win Software Inc., 800-336-3808, www.bid2win.com.

Software automates billing process

BillQuick software helps you automate the time-keeping, project management, and billing process, giving you more time to make money. The software features expense recording, report generation and invoicing through the Web, email, or PDAs. Built on Microsoft Access, MSDE and SQL server databases, it works for contractors big and small. BQE Software Inc., 888-245-5669, www.bqe.com.

Flexible accounting software

Whether you are a large general contractor or a small subcontractor, you will appreciate the features in Peachtree Premium Accounting for Construction 2006 software. Core features include progress billing, accrual-based tracking, job costing, and fixed assets budgeting. The powerful and flexible tools are designed to help you meet the challenges in the construction industry. Peachtree Software by Sage Software, 800-336-1420, www.peachtree.com.

Manage mountains of paperwork easily

Foundation for Windows Project Management Module provides immediate access to the mountains of documentation that accumulate on a job. Tracking from within your accounting system, it delivers a whole new level of administrative control. The product features powerful capabilities to create and track submittals, transmittals, RFPs, and RFIs. It also lets you track correspondence from subcontractors, vendors, owners, or other third-parties. Foundation Software, 800-246-0800, www.foundationsoft.com.

Bid more jobs, win more work

HeavyBid Express is for the smaller or growing contractor to help with working up cost estimates, accessing bids, and submitting them electronically. It generates professional quotes, keeps records, and connects with other software packages. It allows you to more accurately determine costs and to use that information to price your work and control profits. HCSS, 800-683-3196, www.hcss.com.

Maximize your profits

QuickBooks Premier Contractors Edition 2005 is a financial software package that lets contractors maximize profits by showing which jobs are making money. It lets you keep all your job data in one place without having to re-enter. It is easy and fast to set up and use, giving you more time to do what you do best. Intuit, 800-446-8848, www.intuit.com.

Take control of bidding process

BIDDAY is a 32-bit program for Windows 95/NT that gives you the ability to make the most of your time. The tool helps you take control and ensure that when you accept a bid, your markup will be applied and your bottom line will be accurate. It also lets you get last-minute subcontractor and vendor quotes, and automatically recalculates your bids instantly. Management Computer Controls Inc., 800-225-5622, www.mc2-ice.com.