Stronger than the grade usually used for vehicle components and lighter than aluminum, these two new types of stainless steels produce more energy-efficient work trucks.

Crompion International, a specialty stainless solutions provider for the sweeper industry, has unveiled next generation, low-cost materials well-suited to stand up to challenging corrosive and abrasive environments - Cromgard C12 and Cromgard C20-1.

Proving superior performance for street and truck-mounted vacuum sweepers, Cromgard C12 and Cromgard C20-1 provide corrosion and abrasion resistance, strength, durability and low maintenance, as well as good weldability and formability, making them capable of fabrication by conventional techniques.

Both materials have been used successfully by established sweeper companies and the variance of applications in cab and subassembly construction, hoppers and fenders highlight the durability of the material when installed.

Due to their increased strength over conventional materials, Cromgard C12 and Cromgard C20-1 allow for specification of a thinner gauge, creating lighter vehicles and lower fuel costs.

As cost-stable stainless steels, they are not subject to erratic price fluctuations and are considered a public works budget saver.

Crompion International.

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