Now you can spray on the classic look of real granite SprayStone lets you put the look and feel of natural granite anywhere you can imagine*, while offering significant reductions in material costs and application time. Those savings go beyond initial construction, as SprayStone’s flexible, non-porous, breathable composition resists cracking, fading, and water damage.?These advantages come from SprayStone’s unique formula and production techniques, which allow it to be mixed in the factory as a single component, and applied with a pressure feed spray gun rather than heavier hopper guns.

That means less workers, less waste, and less cleanup. No similar product can be applied as easily, and no other system is as easy to learn. SprayStone is a premixed single component product. This means you can be confident that the production lot you spray on next year will match the results of what you spray on this year. SprayStone’s water base also makes it environmentally friendly, requiring no toxic solvents – simply clean up with water. Now you can give any architectural detail the look and feel of real stone, at an incredible price point. Proven for twelve years overseas, eighth-generation SprayStone is now available in the U.S.

Savings: Far less expensive than real granite Easiest, quickest application in the industry, using a pressure feed spray gun – not hopper guns Easy spot matching, with our granite color matching technology. Less waste with minimal overspray. No need to apply multiple colors – the product is premixed to match granite! Easy-to-learn application. Easy cleanup?.

Environmentally Friendly: Water-based – no oil ingredients or high levels of VOCs that harm our environment. Meets U.S. environmental standards. Cleans up with just water – no toxic solvents required.? Offers all the beauty of real granite while preserving the Earth’s natural resources.

Design Advantages: Put the look of granite anywhere, on virtually any surface. Textured surface produces the realistic look and feel of granite. Adheres to virtually any material that can be primed. Can be custom pre-mixed to match a limitless selection of colors. Use at heights where weight or cost of real stone would be prohibitive. Match SprayStone on upper floors to granite used on lower floors. Spray over interior concrete loft ceilings.

Durability: Proven in use for over twelve years Flexible – bends with the underlying structure under stress or extreme weather Non-porous but breathable, with a water vapor transmission permeability rating of 20.12 perms for the complete system. Can be power-washed (SGS tested to 2,000 scrubs). No special care or maintenance products needed Unique manufacturing technique does not use colored sand, which can fade.

Resists: Discoloration and fading. Dust build-up from static. Cracks from temperature changes or structural shifts. Mold growth. Acid corrosion.