“Solid as a brick wall” is taking on new meaning. Design engineers are responding to stricter structure codes to meet new seismic and wind load requirements by specifying more reinforcement. Fortunately for masonry contractors, manufacturers have developed several new reinforcing systems that not only will provide safe and durable masonry structures, but are contractor-friendly regarding installation.

Adjustable joint reinforcing for better walls

Masons can use the patented level eye ladder reinforcement systems to optimize CMU core clearance. The adjustable eye sections spaced 16 in on-center are butt-welded using the latest high-strength metal technology. The reinforcement is produced in multi-slide wire-forming machines, resulting in a straight product that helps maintain a total height of 3/16 inch in the bed joint. This system ensures code compliance for mortar coverage by eliminating a steel crowded joint, and the system can be upgraded to meet seismic applications by adding the companion welded clip and pencil rod.

Wire-Bond, 800-849-6722, www.wirebond.com

Reinforcing system strengthens arch bridges

Archtech is a complete diagnostic and installation service that uses technology and drilling methods specially designed to strengthen masonry arch bridges, while maintaining their historical integrity. The anchor system, made of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, is inserted into small holes and held in place by grout, adding long-term durability to the structure. The product is tailored to meet the specific requirements of older masonry parapet and retaining walls subject to wind loading, seismic movement, vehicular impact, and foundation subsidence.

CINTEC America Inc., 800-363-6066, www.cintec.com

Threaded splices connect rebar

The Lenton Mason Lock taper-threaded splice quickly and easily connects rebar lengths. In addition to simplifying installation compared to wire ties, the cost-effective connectors assure the design engineer that the final wall will meet strength requirements. The connectors eliminate steel waste due to lap splices in CMU block walls. The connectors also enable masons to efficiently work on wall extensions. The splices are designed for use on most standard grades of rebar. The connectors fit rebar sizes #3 - #18 (10 mm - 57 mm).

ERICO, 800-248-2677, www.erico.com

Lightweight lintels

Masons will find greater productivity when providing support over openings by using the Power-SPAN Brick Veneer Lintels. The lintels are strong but lightweight. One or two workers can easily position them. The units can be cut to needed length on the jobsite, and they require no costly special equipment for installation or inspections. Units are said to be less expensive than stone, cast-in-place, or precast concrete lintels. Dur-O-Wal also offers a wide selection of these innovative style lintels to easily handle curved corners or window walls, cantilevers, arches, and even open spans of as much as 35 feet.

Dayton Superior, 877-416-3439, www.daytonsuperior.com

Tie provides air barrier

The carbon steel 2-Seal Tie has a dual-diameter barrel that incorporates a single screw attachment tie with factory-installed EPDM gaskets. The configuration provides an air barrier by sealing both the insulation and the critical outer face of gypsum sheathing. The inner seal protects against air/moisture infiltration through the barrier and prevents moisture penetration to the steel stud. This single screw veneer tie is the only anchor that seals in this manner. The assembly is also available in Type 304 stainless steel.

Hohmann and Barnard, 800-645-0616, www.h-b.com

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