The Rhino Hyde division of Tandem Products, Inc introduces Rhino Slyde, a very low coefficient of friction (COF) polyurethane liner that has a dynamic COF lower (more slippery) than UHMW while typically providing a longer life than UHMW.  This material was developed to provide a long wearing surface that solves material sticking and flow problems.

This material was tested in application over a twenty year period.  Tandem Products and a national concrete truck company developed Rhino Slyde for use as a replaceable blade in concrete trucks.  After twenty years in service, the Rhino Slyde blade was still in service and in fact had outlasted three metal truck drums.  After seeing this performance, the staff at Tandem Products knew this was a product that could solve wear and material sticking applications in concrete and aggregate operations.  Unfortunately due to the high cost and technical difficulties in producing truck drum blades, this will not be offered as a truck drum blade liner.  However, this material has great properties that can be utilized in chute and hopper liners.

Rhino Slyde is available in our weldable system or with a plain backing at ¼” to 1” thickness.  Rhino Slyde weldable liners are recommended for areas where bolting is difficult.  No holes need to be drilled, the liner is tack welded in place utilizing the metal weld plates strategically placed in your liner.  We can mold to shape and size for ease of installation, no field cutting is required if we have your drawings to manufacture to.

Rhino Slyde is also available in a plain backing for field installation where desired.  Stock sizes are ¼” to 1” thickness and 4’ X 8’ length and width.  Rhino Slyde can be cut with a skil saw, reciprocating saw or band saw during field or shop installations.  Contact your Rhino Hyde sales rep for specific installation instructions.

Rhino Slyde, as all materials utilized by the Rhino Hyde division of Tandem Products, Inc are formulated and blended in our manufacturing facility under strict procedures defined in our ISO 9001:2008 quality system.

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