Successfully field tested, Tekla software by Trimble is proven to improve concrete construction productivity. Contractors using Tekla are more competitive and make more money because they are equipped to finish jobs more quickly with less labor and waste. Eric Lindquist a Project Manager at concrete contractor Adjustable Forms*1 of Lombard, Illinois, USA simply describes Tekla as “the best product for what we do.” Adjustable Forms has been operating successfully for over 80 years with a commitment to service and improvement. As specialist subcontractors, Eric understands that Adjustable Forms are employed to “do the work”, not design the structure and that adopting Tekla has helped them improve their building business performance. Talking about Tekla, Daniel Wayne, a Project Manager & Director of Technology at Wayne Brothers of Kannapolis, North Carolina states “This software simply lets us be more successful in this highly-competitive concrete market.” Ciaran Donnelly of Cidon Construction in the UK describes Tekla as "the single best investment we have made in terms of return.”

With Tekla constructible information management tools, contractors planning concrete pours have unrivalled insight and control to reduce their risks. “We use Tekla not just to address one little problem but actually embed it into our business to make our business better,” explained Daniel Wayne. “Modeling allows us to clearly see even the smallest details, giving us a much better idea of the design intent of the building and how to approach the project” continued Daniel. Contractors without experience or expertise can quickly and easily create Tekla concrete models, complete with coordinated, clash-free, detailed rebar, embeds and formwork. As Daniel states “Modeling allows us to clearly see even the smallest details, giving us a much better idea of the design intent of the building and how to approach the project”

Tekla automates the tedious, traditionally manual material quantity take-off [QTO] tasks for better estimates and schedules. The benefit is from preconstruction to pour. Consistent, accurate, construction-quality quantities are generated faster from a Tekla model than conventional methods. Model driven layout is faster, safer and more exact because Trimble software and hardware are integrated. ”We do this to ensure the model intelligence reaches the field. Coordinated model data paired with robotic total stations results in increased productivity and quality,” states Jared Schleifer, Construction Model Manager of The Weitz Company.  For UK-based concrete contractor, Cidon Construction, adopting Tekla brought efficiencies throughout the business to deliver projects quickly and reliably. This successful Tekla implementation has led Cidon Construction to win significantly more profitable work, estimating costs have halved and the software has paid for itself in just six months. Ciaran Donnelly, Managing Director at Cidon Construction commented, “We required a simple to use software that could be accessible to everyone within Cidon Construction and the wider chain of rebar detailers and formwork suppliers. Tekla software ticked the box for us, it’s incredibly user-friendly and we were up and running very quickly within two weeks of purchasing and attending training.

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