The patented TH-1 Portable Manual Rebar Bender uses a 2” hitch receiver as a solid, stable work platform on a vehicle. Its compact design and the solid cast ductile iron construction of the bending vise and two supplied bending pipes offer durability. With quick and easy setup, the three bending vises offer a variety of bending applications for different sizes, shapes and lengths of rebar for construction jobs. The #3 rebar vise can bend 4.5” wide stirrups for 8” wide beams and columns – a distinguishing feature of the tool. It requires less than 50 lbs. of physical strength to bend #5 grade 60 rebar.

The tool requires no supplemental electrical or hydraulic power. Simply utilizes the physical strength of a workman. The Primary Main Center Vise is used for rebar sized #3 through #5 and for single bends from 0 to 180 degree ACI compliant bending radiuses and can be used in the vertical or the horizontal position for longer lengths of rebar. The Open Rebar Vises are used in the vertical or horizontal position for shapes requiring more than one bend such as stirrups, zee-bars or other compound shapes which can be removed from the open vise jaws after completing the required bends. The bending vise dimension is 15.5" long by 6" wide by 7" high The compact design requires minimal storage space to have readily available on construction projects. The patented design provides a safe, easy and precise way to bend rebar. The tool is priced right which offers an affordable way to outfit company trucks with a rebar bender.

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