Hi, I’m Andrew Gilman. I spent the last decade working as an engineer for Hensel Phelps, one of the largest construction companies in the nation. During my tenure, I witnessed that most people in the construction industry assume that the way something has always been done is the best way to be doing it. Unfortunately, that assumption is typically false. The entrepreneur in me saw an opportunity to save contractors millions of dollars every year. So, I founded a company that creates new innovation to solve every day problems and improve the concrete construction industry. To that end, I'm incredibly excited to be launching our first product at World of Concrete 2018; The Gilman Post.

In construction, we often suspend objects in concrete. That means we need a solution to hold those objects in place. Typically, we get creative on the job site, and use items designed for other purposes. Those solutions are slow, inefficient, and therefore expensive. With the Gilman Post, “job built” solutions are replaced with the only adjustable product specifically designed to hang almost any embedded object precisely in the right location. The result is 60-70% savings on the embed process by reducing labor. Beyond that, it is more reliable, consistent, and safe.

All products are built with our customers in mind, with the goal of ensuring that we make everyone's life better. The carpenter who is kept away from saws, welding, and making multiple trips up to a higher level deck, and who gets home on time. The foreman and superintendent who reduce cost substantially, while being at the forefront of innovation and improvement. All the way to the executives who pencil out that they can save millions by making a small procedural change. We are extremely excited to start making our impact on an industry we know and love!

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