The air barrier market has evolved over the past 15-20 years into a more focused and understood technology to greatly increase total building performance with regard to energy efficiency and durability of construction materials. Pecora was involved at the advent of the introduction of above grade air barrier systems utilizing existing technology at the time which proved inadequate for universal application. Since that time our Silicone and STPU technology has become integral in creating the building blocks necessary for an air barrier system that provides the performance, simplicity, and durability demanded in continually evolving high performance wall designs.

With a sound technology base in Silicone and STPU chemistries Pecora has developed an air barrier system that provides:

  • Simplicity
  • Performance
  • Low temperature crack bridging o Low temperature application
  • Vapor permeability o Fast cure
  • Wide range of use and compatibilities
  • Economics
  • Low combustibility
  • Wash out resistance
  • Durability (UV and weather resistant)
  • Ease of application

The development of an air barrier system was a natural fit for our co manufacturing capacities, as well as customer base. We have taken observations over the years in identifying the strengths required of an all of the three major requirements of a complete system, those being:

  • To block the flow of air through a wall system
  • To control the diffusion of water vapor through a wall system
  • To stop liquid water penetration into a wall system

All of the above are achieved in the development of the STPU/Silicone based XL-Perm Air, Vapor and Water Barrier System.

The final product offering includes 4 fundamental and integral components:

  1. XL-Flash: Trowel grade STPU Fluid applied flashing
  2. XL-PermULTRA VP: STPU based roller or spray applied elastomeric coating
  3. AVB: 100% silicone gun grade elastomeric sealant
  4. XL-Span: 100% silicone flat translucent extrusion

The four (4) components above represent a simplified and complete system, which is fully integrated, meeting all of the desired performance characteristics initially envisioned and listed in previous sections of this document. The product is commercial and being utilized in various projects throughout North America in both warm and cold ambient conditions with great success.

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