This new lanyard was created to complement a complete fall protection system and provides improved safety and productivity in work environments. For the professional working at height, this new Tool Lanyard was developed to protect valuable tools, property and crews working below, while maximizing productivity by ensuring high frequency tools are close at hand.

“The introduction of a heavy-duty tool lanyard is just one more addition to Werner’s growing line of fall protection products. This premium quality 15 lb. Tool Lanyard is suitable for most tools and ensures a safe and productive work environment,” said Eric Miller, Senior Product Manager.

The new lanyard is made up of a stretch cord surrounded by durable webbing that is 30” long when retracted and can extend up to 50” making job-related tasks easier than ever. It includes a carabineer and drawstring connection points so the user can attach the lanyard to a work belt or harness. Built for the toughest of environments, this heavy-duty lanyard can hold a max-working load of 15 lbs, suitable for most handheld tools.


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