Trimaco E-Z Floor Guards™ are a modern, economic alternative to shoe covers.

The three-step system applies a sheet of adhesive plastic film to the bottom of a shoe or boot in seconds - there’s no need to stop, drop your tools, bend over and struggle to apply like traditional shoe covers. Simply step on the E-Z Floor Guard and the adhesive sticks the film to the shoe. Pull to get the desired amount to cover the bottom of the shoe, and then tear off. It’s that easy: STEP, PULL and TEAR.

This recyclable film is tough enough to keep floors looking new and it even works on wet footwear. An added bonus: you can apply additional layers of film on top of the existing one if you need to make multiple trips outside.

E-Z Floor Guards fit any shoe size and save money. They’re a modern and economical alternative to traditional shoe covers; one roll of E-Z Floor Guards covers up to 250 pairs of shoes. Available in a starter kit and in refill rolls.

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