Its strength comes out of the composite aluminum welded profiles, this machine has 12 internal blades. During an impact the first 4 blades cut through the aluminum composite H-beams and after unlocking 8 blades cut through the welded tubes. The remaining weak aluminum parts will bend away in safe directions. The patent is based on cutting aluminum H beams and tubes using blades.

The new MASH 2016 standard sets stricter criteria for Truck Mounted Attenuator’s, bigger,heavier and newer test Vehicles has to be used during testing , also the shadow vehicle criteria are stricter and much heavier, upper and lower truck weight has to be tested, ballast has to be fixed and also the arrow board together with the TMA construction must have been tested.

The safety changes are mainly necessitated by alterations made to vehicles over the past decade. Cars have greatly increased in size, so different safety regulations are required to keep the occupants safe. The average bumper height on light trucks has risen considerably since 1993, so previous highway safety designs are no longer adequate.


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