Bottom dump models easily shed material

Advantage series bottom dump trailers hold 22 cu yd and are 39 - 42-ft long. Full-width aluminum fenders are sloped to effectively shed material. The one-piece design of the hopper and frame provides strength and weight savings, while lightweight cross-braces tie the frame together to minimize flexing and twisting. Additional features include pin-style landing legs, aluminum windrow deflectors, and rear manual control.

  • Trail King Industries, 800-843-3324,
  • Vehicle uses versatile electrical system

    The Model 7600 truck features an 11 - 13-liter engine and a frame-rail system that allows for quick moving of heavy loads. Dual power steering gears and up to a 50-deg wheel cut offer maneuverability. The truck features an electrical system that allows the engine, transmission, instrument panel, and other components to directly communicate with each other.

  • International Truck and Engine, 800-448-7825,
  • Dump truck features increased hydraulic flow

    Equipped with a 285-hp engine, the redesigned 300D articulated dump truck has increased hydraulic flow to improve cycle times. The body tipping angle reaches 70 deg, and the truck has a maximum speed of 31 mph. The machine weighs 40,100 lb and has a capacity of 21.6 cu yd.

  • John Deere Construction and Forestry, 309-765-8000,
  • Line includes 20+ models

    More than 20 Triple-L trailer models are available in flatbed, utility, and enclosed configurations for equipment transport. They feature a single level and automatic latch that enables one-person operation. The deck lowers or rises in less than 15 seconds and stays level.

  • JLG Industries Inc., 877-554-5437,
  • Aluminum platform hauls 72,000 lb

    The MMX aluminum platform trailer handles loads up to 72,000 lb concentrated in a 4-ft area on a 48-ft spread axle. Available in lengths up to 53 ft, the trailer's main beams and structural cross-members are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, which has all the power and half the weight of steel. The tie-down straps go inside the rub rail, which prevents them from chafing against the winch hook.

  • East Manufacturing Corp., 888-405-3278,
  • Trailers handle extra-long loads

    Hydra-Steer trailers deliver self-supporting loads – even those that are extra-long – with ease. A push-button steering pendant located inside the tractor cab allows oversized loads, such as beams, to be transported safely and effortlessly. Standard and custom trailers are available in two- and three-axle versions, depending on user needs and state requirements.

  • Elk River Machine Co., 877-433-3762,