Tow 2150 lbs. or haul 1,900 lbs. to hard-to-reach jobsites using a gasoline or diesel engine.

Bobcat Company has two new utility vhicles, the 3400 and 3400XL. Both models have a sealed constant velocity transmission and are available with two engine configurations: a 40-horsepower gas engine or a 24-horsepower diesel engine. The gas and diesel engines provide operators with greater performance - up to 40 mph with a dealer-installed kit.

The 3400 and 3400XL gas units provide easier start-up and responsive acceleration with an electronic fuel injection system, which adjusts to temperature and altitude changes. The 3400 and 3400XL diesel units have automatic glow plugs that adjust to colder starting conditions. Acceleration is not a problem with these vehicles, as they can gain speed smoothly and quickly. An ergonomic lever allows 3400 and 3400XL utility vehicle operators to shift between high, low, neutral and park positions. The four-wheel drive system allows operators to shift on-the-fly to adjust to changing ground conditions.

For machine protection, both models have a full skid plate, a constant velocity shield and an optional brush guard to protect the undercarriage, engine, transmission and radiator when traveling over rough terrain, logs, rocks and other debris.

A durable easy-to-clean composite cargo box features a single-latch mechanism, an integrated fastening system and tie-downs to secure cargo. A standard manual or optional hydraulic dump lever is available to easily empty materials from the vehicle’s cargo box. A higher towing capacity also allows the vehicle and operator to efficiently move materials on a trailer and in the cargo box.

The fuel tanks on both models are conveniently located, and daily checks of items such as fluids, filters and the battery can all be easily accessed through the machine’s engine compartment. Water cooled engines in the new 3400 and 3400XL allow for easier and more efficient shutdown protection, keeping the engine cool in the hottest of days on the jobsite. To help minimize downtime, liquid-cooled engines protect critical engine compartments from overheating, which also results in more performance and power from the machine, because components are kept cooler at higher rpm.

When it comes to snow and ice removal, the 3400 and 3400XL models have an optional snow blade that connects to the machines with a winch kit. For ground maintenance professionals, landscapers and homeowners with acreage, a 60-gallon sprayer can be mounted in the machine’s cargo box. The sprayer is ideal for spot weed control and broadcast spraying of liquid fertilizers and chemicals.

General purpose tires come standard on the 3400 and 3400XL utility vehicles. ATV/mud, turf and hard surface tires are available through the parts departments at local Bobcat dealerships, allowing for ease of use on many terrain types. Additional accessories include a 2-inch front receiver, front and rear work lights, radio and speakers, strobe light, backup alarm, a 4,500-pound winch and turn signals.

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