Among other changes, the ZX17U-5 and ZX26U-5 feature an EPA Final Tier 4 engine that requires no aftertreatment device to meet emission requirements.

Hitachi Construction Machinery-Americas has upgraded its compact-class excavator line by introducing the ZX17U-5 and ZX26U-5.

Although they are the smallest Hitachi excavators, the ZX17U-5 and ZX26U-5 provide big-time performance on all kinds of jobs. These Dash-5 Compact Excavators feature EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engines and simplified maintenance with an added steel service door and side-by-side cooling cores. Additionally, the ZX17U-5 features redesigned blade extension pins, and the upgraded ZX26U-5 operator’s station provides wider entry and better visibility.

“These Dash-5 Compact Excavators feature improvements designed to provide efficient production, enhanced comfort and simplified maintenance,” said Mark Wall, product marketing manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas. “The ZX17U-5 and ZX26U-5 are designed for numerous industries including rental, commercial/residential building, landscaping, underground and site development. These excavators are another example of how Hitachi produces efficient, reliable and durable machines.”

Efficiency These Dash-5 Compact Excavators feature quiet, fuel-efficient FT4 engines that require no aftertreatment device; therefore, no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is needed. The ZX17U-5 (3,790 lbs.) and ZX26U-5 (5,870-6,110 lbs.) offer 14.5 hp and 20 hp, respectively. Manual wedge-style couplers enable quick attachment changes and the ability to use a wide variety of buckets and attachments. The standard backfill blade on both models adds versatility, enabling these compacts to grade and backfill, as well as provides extra stability. The ZX17U-5 features easy blade-width expansion with redesigned blade extension pins. Additionally, the variable-width undercarriage and foldable blade on the ZX17U-5 can be hydraulically retracted to navigate tight quarters, and then easily repositioned for solid stability. Swing boom and foldable travel pedals on the ZX26U-5 are positioned where they’re easy to operate, yet allow for plenty of foot room.

Reliability With independent-swing boom and 360-degree rotation, these tiny titans can work in tight spaces and are easy to load and transport between jobs. Side-by-side cooling cores (previously stacked cores) and an additional steel service door provide improved access for maintenance. Oil-impregnated bushings extend grease intervals, while spin-on filters and sight gauges make fluid changes fast. Short-throw pilot levers provide smooth, precise control with less effort.

Durability These compact excavators are built for safe production with a rollover protective structure (ROPS)-certified canopy as well as a ROPS cab option for the ZX26U-5. The redesigned, heated cab provides increased visibility with a larger front window and easier access from the three-inch door width increase. Heavy-duty side shields protect the propel motors, boom and blade cylinders. And a tough X-frame on both models provides a solid, stable platform that resists material build-up.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.

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