DUROCK EcoCap self-leveling underlayment is an innovative cementitious floor topping specifically engineered for application over concrete substrates. The product represents a breakthrough environmentally sustainable geopolymer binder technology in which an industrial byproduct of coal combustion process is chemically activated to produce an inorganic binder having unique performance attributes. Chemical activation of the base raw material is accomplished using an innovative non-corrosive chemical activation technology that makes the product very safe and user friendly. The unique material technology of DUROCK EcoCap is specially engineered to minimize material shrinkage and exothermic behavior to provide a floor underlayment that is highly dimensionally stable and resistant to cracking.

DUROCK EcoCap formulation is also uniquely tailored to provide excellent flow, self-leveling, and self-healing properties. It is particularly noteworthy that DUROCK EcoCap lends itself to exceptional working properties despite using water at extremely low levels. DUROCK EcoCap utilizes a very high post-industrial recycled content and provides a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to commercially available underlayment products based on traditional material technologies. DUROCK EcoCap provides the following important benefits to engineers, contractors, building owners and other project stakeholders:

1. Environmentally Sustainable and Specifiable Product: DUROCK EcoCap has unique environmentally sustainable attributes such as high recycled content, low embodied energy, low carbon footprint, and low water usage. It has a post-industrial recycled content of over 70% in the binder and provides a significant reduction in carbon footprint of up to 50% compared to commercially available portland cement and calcium aluminate cement based underlayment products. Moreover, it utilizes up to 50% lower water and reduces Primary Energy by more than 45% in comparison to commercially available underlayment products based on traditional material technologies. In addition, DUROCK EcoCap can assist in obtaining various LEED credits. DUROCK EcoCap is a product of choice for all stakeholders in projects where specifications emphasize use of environmentally sustainable building materials.

2. Facilitate Rapid Construction: DUROCK EcoCap facilitates rapid construction practices due to its self-drying and rapid-setting characteristics. It allows light foot traffic to be opened in 2-hours, installation of ceramic tiles in 4-hours, and installation of carpet and non-porous synthetic floor coverings in 16-hours.

3. Easy Mixing and Pumping: DUROCK EcoCap is extremely easy to mix and pump owing to its unique material technology. DUROCK EcoCap lends itself to continuous mixing and pumping operations thereby permitting efficient pours over extremely large areas in compressed project schedules.

4. Superior Dimensional Stability and Cracking Resistance: DUROCK EcoCap formulation is uniquely tailored to minimize drying shrinkage and exothermal behavior thereby providing a highly dimensionally stable and crack-resistant floor system.

5. Superior Bond Strength: DUROCK EcoCap develops tenacious bond with concrete floor substrates thus virtually eliminating failures and ensuing call backs.

6. Application Versatility: DUROCK EcoCap can be applied in different thicknesses from featheredge to 2-inches in a single lift thus eliminating the need for multiple products for project completion.

7. Safety: DUROCK EcoCap utilizes an innovative non-corrosive chemical activation technology which makes the product very safe to use in the hands of contractors and applicators.