• Les Connard, inventor of the Washout Watchdog, announces his newest product for the concrete/construction industry called the Porta-Pit.

    The Porta-Pit is a portable concrete washout container made of high-strength cross linked polyethylene plastic and designed for easy portability, safety and “no spill” security.

    “The Porta-Pit is the other half of the equation to the Washout Watchdog. The Porta-Pit is the perfect solution for the contractor to transport concrete washout materials and water from the job site to a recycling center,” says Connard. ”Pumpers will also benefit from the units I created specifically for them. “They’re easy to handle, highly durable and the most cost effective product on the market.”

    In contrast to the Washout Watchdog, a washout water containment system designed to be mounted on concrete trucks, Porta-Pit is aimed at contractors and pumpers who need to take responsibility for washout water and materials on a job site.


  • Durability – Porta-Pit is made of a revolutionary cross link polyethylene that’s five times stronger than ordinary polypropylene plastic.
  • Security – A uniquely designed locking lid prevents water from escaping during transport
  • Light weight –Porta-Pit weighs approx. 50 pounds empty and can be moved by hand.
  • High capacity –It comes in three sizes; the largest holds 1.5 cubic yards.
  • Small footprint – The 1.5-yard Porta-Pit is about the size of a pallet at 44 x 42 inches, and is 40 inches tall. The ¾-yard Porta-Pit is designed to slide under pumps and pump trucks and is only 14 inches high. The smallest Porta-Pit, with a capacity of 1/2 yard, is for small rock pumps.
  • Stackable – Porta-Pits may be nested or stacked for easy storage.
  • Dual usage – For users who prefer dry materials, Porta-Pit has a removable plug in the lid to facilitate evaporation. Dried materials are then easily dumped.
  • No lubricants required – Concrete will not adhere to the plastic used in Porta-Pit.

Compared to larger portable concrete pits currently in use, Porta-Pit is easier to move and transport, more versatile (different sizes for different uses) and less expensive. Most steel containers are larger and require the water to be pumped out before they can be moved, and require releasing agents or coatings. The Porta-Pit may be moved with a forklift or truck without draining. Due to them being so affordable, several can be placed around a job site for convenience.

Pricing has yet to be finalized, but Connard says the cost will be below the price of standard steel bins. For more information, visit porta-pit.com or call (626) 247-8766.

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