The FasTrac 750 Concrete Mixer is a skid steer attachment that operates via hydraulic controls.  The mixer features a single-piece 8" steel auger with rigid steel mixing paddles welded between the auger flights for superior mixing action.  The unique auger mixer combined with design features in the mixing chamber provide enhanced mixing that minimizes cement balls and provides a homogeneous mix that enhances the quality of concrete produced.  The FasTrac 750 features a removable rubber trough that also provides for better mixing by enabling larger aggregate (up to 1") to move freely around the auger.  The FasTrac 750 has a 3/4 cubic yard carrying capacity and a 1/2 cubic yard mixing capacity - much larger than conventional mixers which allows for larger batches, thereby reducing time and manpower needed for mixing operations.  The FasTrac 750 also features a discharge gate that can be closed tight while mixing.  This feature allows the mixer to be used for self-leveling and other highly fluid materials by preventing material leakage.  The gate also allows for the auger to be operated in both directions which further enhances the quality and ease of mixing.  The FasTrac 750 is designed to be attached to a skid steer from either side which allows the operator to discharge material either left or right.  Other mixers only provide discharge to one side.  The mixer is outfitted with open grating and retractable bag breakers on top.  The grates are hinged to the mixer body and are capable of being opened to allow for easy access to the mixer box and auger for cleaning or maintenance.  Customers report much easier clean out compared to conventional mortar or barrel type mixers.  In addition to mixing operations, the FasTrac 750 Mixer is used for transporting concrete to pour locations that are difficult to reach with a readymix truck.  The advantage of the FasTrac 750 in this case compared to a "Georgia Buggy" is a larger carrying capacity and easier, safer transport in difficult pour locations.  At 750 lbs. the FasTrac 750 Mixer is significantly lighter than other similar mixers, but is built for heavy duty use with solid steel construction and is made in America.  Customers have been excited about the FasTrac 750 Mixer as it provides quality mixing action, enhanced versatility and durability, labor savings, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. 

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