Why do concrete structures not come with pre-installed safety equipment?

Why do we not install safety measures earlier in the building process?
Why do we put this responsibility on the worker?

Construction projects are planned way ahead to eliminate errors and speed up installation providing overall efficiency during construction.

ScissorSafe anchorage system is composed of a flush plastic mold and a removable steel anchor device. It has been designed to provide safety to workers not only from beginning to end of the project but goes beyond providing safety even after the structure is completed. Can be used both during the construction and after by maintenance crews. Molds are placed everywhere needed such as building perimeter, elevator shafts, stair cases and other fall risk areas just by nailing to the inside face of the formwork allowing a fast installation.

Once the structure is built and the formwork is removed the anchor provides immediately fall protection without delaying task at hand which in turn cuts down task time allowing more work to be done, and workers can easily move from one work area to another by quickly relocating the anchor. ScissorSafe embeds in the concrete never coming in contact with the rebar eliminating the risk of moisture which may cause corrosion, this allows anchor installation in non-reinforced concrete elements. The worker cannot disengage from the anchor point without removing the carabiner eliminating attachment failures. Also, thanks to the anchors built-in impact indicator device workers can identify damage and remove it from service.

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