From the moment guests enter the Animal Kingdom Lodge they are surrounded by the feel of an African theme resort. The Zawadi Marketplace is a retail shop located in the main lobby of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

There were many daily challenges that a two-man crew working six nights a week, four months straight, endured.

Phase one included making an old concrete floor look like new. They removed the existing sealer, wax, and stain by grinding with a diamond blade on a floor machine to expose the raw concrete. Phase two: Polish around unique bamboo-like material called euki that was imported from Africa. The crew had to hand-cut intricate designs into steps, as well as stain them three different colors to resemble the changing of sands. In phase three, they had to machine and hand polish 1500 sq. ft. of floor without interrupting daily resort business, guests, or any animals.

This project called for many different colors designed to complement the African flair. Color call outs were Yellow Stripe-Amber to complement the Giraffe Theme gift shop and Mission Brown and Saddle Brown for a mottled look that recreates the excitement of the African savanna. An integration of project management, quality materials, dedicated craftsmen and attention to detail, while adhering to an aggressive schedule, enabled the contractor to successfully be part of the ultimate polishing experience.