Category: Municipal
Location: Fontana, CA
Size: 96000 sq. ft.
Masonry Used:8x4x16 grey/tan/redbrown burnished, 8x8x16 tan/redbrown burnished, 8x8x16 ladera tan split face/ preci
Submitted by: New Dimension Masonry, Inc.

Project Description

Orco Block was the manufacturer of the various block used on this project, supplying split face, burnished and precision blocks, accumulating to a combined block total of over 142,000. The majority of the exterior walls were constructed out of 4” highs, an uncommon design statement for the state government building, providing an overall unique element to the Caltrans building. In addition to such concrete masonry units, three glass block vistabric windows supplied by Thompson Building Materials add to the masonry-prominent aesthetics of the facility as a whole.. The vast array of block is prevalent in the use of the variety of different sizes, colors, and finishes. This facility has succeeded to blend in with its' city surroundings, and has achieved all of the owners design goals, in a creating a functional, enjoyable, and unique masonry building for the Caltrans organization.

Project Participants

Architect / Designer's Name: Cal Trans Company: California Department of Transportation
Phone: (916) 654-5266

General Contractor's Name: Kyle Walker Company: DJM Construction Co., Inc.
Phone: (714) 399-3640

Masonry Contractor's Name: Jennifer Slifka Company: New Dimension Masonry, Inc.
Phone: (619) 276-5000

Masonry Supplier's Name: David Echternach Company: Orco Block Company
Phone: (714) 527-2239

Masonry Supplier's Name: Derek Pritchett Company: Thompson Building Materials
Phone: (619) 287-9410

Masonry Supplier's Name: Kirk DeMichele Company: Holliday Rock Company
Phone: (909) 982-1553