2014 Retail Winner

Capri on Via Roma is a redevelopment of a waterfront shopping center that’s comprised of 31 retail businesses, including waterfront restaurants; cafes; fresh food and artisan providers; a supermarket; and fashion, beauty, and lifestyle outlets.

The project included an extensive range of concrete flooring products throughout the internal, external, and basement areas. This included diamond grinding 129,166 square feet of all rain-damaged slabs and installing 16,145 square feet of stained polished concrete floors throughout the mall interior; 10,763 square feet of polished concrete in retail areas; 37,673 square feet of honed, stained concrete floors in the external pathways, entryways, and exterior car parking lots; and 64,583 square feet of epoxy coating in the basement car park.

The polished concrete floor specifications had very clear requirements in terms of design flexibility, performance, and functionality. The concrete floor finishes needed to have the ability to withstand constant, high foot traffic while maintaining aesthetic appeal. It was also very important for the polishing contractor to install the chosen flooring products within a compressed construction timeframe, and in stages, while enabling other trades to also complete their work.

Key features of the concrete flooring at Capri on Via Roma include:

Performed surface prep—removed 7-10 mm from the surface of severely rain-damaged slabs and then mechanically grouted them.

  • Ensured a R9 slip rating throughout interior areas, and R11 slip rating on exterior areas.
  • Applied a UV-stable, colored stain to honed concrete flooring (exterior).
  • Applied a yellow-colored stain to interior floors to create a bright, warm space and to fit with the shopping center’s branding.
  • Ensured the basement floor can withstand oil leaks from vehicles.
  • Ensured that interior polished concrete floors can withstand a high amount of frequent foot and trolley traffic.
  • Ensured all internal and external floors are easy to maintain and within existing cleaning schedules.
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