The 26,563-square-foot facility was built in 11 months using tilt-up construction which kept the project on budget and on schedule.

During the initial design, the project’s architect, Gensler, suggested using tilt-up construction but wanted to ensure the design intent for the exterior concrete panels did not look like a standard tilt-up building. Thirty-three tilt-up panels were erected, the largest one measuring 46 feet.

The concrete facade design concept was based on a 2-by-8-foot random pattern that represented the texture of a gymnasium maple wood flooring. The offset arched roof line gives a sense of motion to the building to represent the sports that take place within and creates a gymnasium interior with great spatial quality.

General contractor PCL worked with the project team’s mechanical engineer, MA Engineering, to review options for the air distribution system in the 16,000-square-foot gymnasium. A virtual 3D model of the building was created in the design stage.

This project won a 2016 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award in the Educational Division.