This project had been in the making since 2014 and was in response to the devastation of an existing facility by a subtropical low that decimated the beachfront in 2016. The challenge was to reinstate this facility in time for the 2017 summer season. The stakeholders in the project were Federal, State and Local Authorities, local business and not the least, local residents and surfers.

The scope of work on this project involved both the pouring and polishing of a concrete topping to grade and the construction and installation of precast GFRC furniture. Having experience in both of these facets of the industry, CbyD was an easy choice for the job.

The first challenge was the concrete topping. Consultation and specification was provided for mix designs, reinforcing, color and aggregate selection. The primary point of reference was a photograph of a nondescript floor with no further technical information.

Another challenge was matching pigments and available aggregates into a blend to suit the design criteria. After some research, the mission was accomplished. There were several on-site challenges to be met. Given the facility had to match in with existing infrastructure, primary levels were fixed. This created complicated issues of bringing the floors to grade while maintaining sufficient concrete thickness. Some of these falls had to be achieved around corners and between rooms. Having devised a suitable layout, extreme care had to be taken during the pour and polish to ensure the grades were maintained as some were borderline.

The second portion of the contract was the furnishings. These consisted of custom designed seating with compound curves, custom sinks, serving benches, soffits and cast in signage. CbyD was heavily involved with both the design and manufacture of both the concrete and metal frame supports for these pieces. All of the concrete components were formed, poured and polished in a factory.

The project was a huge success, winning the approval of all involved and winning Silver at the Sydney Design Awards.