This 30 year old slab contained a lot of cracks and holes which need to be repaired prior to the floor being polished. The architect was very adamant about having a flawless floor finish, which meant blending the repairs seamlessly with the rest of the floor. The original slab was over 30 years old, so naturally lots of cracks and holes had to be treated. With our experience in polishing we were able to n the finished product.

Yes, we faced some obstacles. There was a ½-inch thick underlayment that had to be removed on the entire 7,500 square feet. In some areas we encountered tile under the underlayment. The tile had to be carefully removed while keeping the concrete in perfect condition in order to keep patch work to a minimum. The biggest obstacle here was removing the underlayment and tile without destroying the concrete floor. We accomplished this goal flawlessly and the end result was perfection. If you want to know our secret, it’s that we always take our time.