This 65,000-square-foot Hy-Vee Supermarket in Minnesota polished by Custom Concrete Creations (C3) pushes the boundaries for speed, quality, and use of innovative technology in the concrete floor polishing industry. Hy Vee is a responsible corporate citizen with a commitment to sustainable green building practices.

C3 is the preferred polisher of Hy-Vee, doing 90% of their work. They have formed this partnership because of the consistent high level of quality provided by the contractor. The equipment used on this floor was a combination of both a traditional walk-behind planetary grinder and an active planetary ride-on power trowel. The ride-on trowel machine allows for much higher levels of production while at the same time achieving the specified gloss levels while not sacrificing the overall quality. Ryan Dickinson of C3 uses his C3 Diamond Floor System, a proven systematic process to bring fully refined floors to their maximum potential while also creating sustainable, repeatable results.

Dickinson selected the Silex System for this project after going back and inspecting previous work he had done with the product. He found that this system maintained its high level of refinement better than other products on the market. Traditional methods of polishing dry with a large planetary grinder can produce up to 3,000 square feet a day. Going wet on a walk-behind planetary grinder can produce up to 6,000 square feet per day and the ride-on trowel can easily produce 10,000 square feet per day.

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