An existing trucking logistics warehouse was repurposed to satisfy Trevecca's need for a state-of-the art music building. The two-story music education facility was designed to house a creative environment, while preserving historical aspects of the building. Polished concrete was selected as a finished flooring surface due to the facility's high volume of traffic. A polished flooring system also would incorporate modern design elements.

Vintage Resurfacing, the contractor, was contacted after construction had begun and asked to provide a proposal for polishing the existing concrete. After completing an initial job walk, the contractor felt that the concrete wasn't suitable for polishing. The old warehouse floor had significant gouging from forklifts, joint damage, spalling, cracking, and aggregate tear out. Vintage Resurfacing recommended the floor receive an overlay system. After further discussion, they decided to perform a polished system mock-up.

Since the existing concrete was severely damaged, a wide range of products-grouts, mortars, and joint fillers-were applied to achieve a substrate suitable for polishing. The floor required repeated heavy grinding passes before the repair and polishing steps could begin. The contractor completed three wet grinding passes with a Terrco machine. Once the initial heavy passes were completed, they made three more wet passes with 46-grit metal-bonded diamonds on thier Lavina machines. After a total of six wet passes, the floor was ready for repair mortar and joint filler.

The next step was completed using 70-grit metal-bonded diamonds. After this pass, the contractor applied grout to the floor. They continued with 120-grit metal-bonded diamonds, followed by 200-grit copper resin hybrids. At this point the contractor applied dye and densified the floor to saturation. The polishing steps were completed with 400 Nato's, and 800 V Harr's. Two coats of polish guard were applied and the floor was burnished with a guard pad.

A wide range of products and tooling methods were used. This project was challenging every step of the way, but the result was a unique floor with a tremendous amount of character.