The Pak’nSave supermarket in Dunedin, New Zealand, is evidence that good concrete floors can stand the test of time.

The store opened more than 20 years ago and it had certainly seen its fair share of foot traffic each day. Add to this the increasing popularity of the store and the two building extensions that occurred, and the longevity of the floor is even more impressive.

But it was time for an uplifting refurbishment, and the store owner selected Polished Concrete Ltd to use their Megafloor Polished Concrete system to revitalize the floor and take it to another level.

There are more than 56 Pak'nSave stores across the North and South Islands of New Zealand as of April 2017. The stores are large and have a no-frills environment, often with unlined interiors and exposed concrete floors, and customers are left to pack their own bags or boxes.

Intensive consultation with the owner of the Dunedin store, William McDonald, enabled Polished Concrete Ltd to develop a scheduling strategy that minimized the intrusion of the refurbishment grinding and polishing work during the day.

The result was a stunning floor that exceeded the client’s expectations and, with consistent gloss readings of 70, the store is now much brighter and uses less energy.