Ever since Parkview Field opened its gates for the Fort Wayne TinCaps in 2009, the stadium has been a staple in downtown Fort Wayne, Ind. Baseball games immediately began selling out, and standing-room-only tickets became popular. Offering the city more than baseball, Parkview Field is home to more than 400 non-baseball related events every year. From concerts, to races, to wedding receptions and company parties, Parkview Field can accommodate many diverse events and huge crowds. To further benefit and involve the community, Parkview Field leaves it’s gates open all year long so that people may eat lunch, visit, or walk around the baseball field.

The baseball stadium has won many awards, including Stadium Journey’s #1 Ballpark Experience for five of the six years of operation. Beginning in January 2016 and finishing in November 2016, Dancer Concrete Design worked around Parkview Field’s active schedule during days, nights, and weekends to get the concourse polished. Polished concrete is durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and Indiana’s extreme summers and winters. It also provides a simple maintenance plan and a modern, unique look to complete the ballpark.

The concourse was originally coated with epoxy that was chipping and peeling in places. Leveling was required for some of the concrete pads that had settled lower than others. There was a lot of edging required, including around posts, wall,s and other obstacles, and under railings. The aggregate was exposed to Class D – Large Aggregate. This removes no more than 1/4 inch of concrete surface by grinding and polishing and results in the majority of exposure displaying large aggregate with little-to-no amounts of fine aggregate at random locations. It was brought to a 200-grit, Matte finish which is easy to maintain, gives a soft finish, and is the contractor's most popular finish in residential and industrial settings.