Contractor Industrial Caulk and Seal was selected to rehabilitate an aging warehouse for the New York Offices of Skyline Restoration Inc. The renovation included adding a large mezzanine to the structure that would serve as office space for the second story.

Through the facility included a host of different flooring options, polished concrete was the selected floor finish for a significant portion of the facility. The ground floor encompassed an aging concrete slab that had significant ware from over 50 years of warehouse use and abuse. The owner selected a polishable overlay in an effort to beautify the existing floor system.

The largest challenge to the project was the last minute addition of polished concrete to the original construction plan. Through a series of mid construction meetings, a strong alliance was formed between the owners and the polished contractor. The team was critical to the overall success of the project.

At initial mobilization the polished contractor was faced with a European finished wall system which included integrated cove base. The team recognized the issue and worked to resolve the specific dilemma as the overlay system would not only interfere with the existing integrated base but would throw off the finished elevations throughout the building. The polished floor was accomplished using SASE equipment and Rapid Set Tru PC by CTS Cement.

Additionally, the owner wanted to avoid unnecessary transitions in the finished floor that are often the result in any overlay system. Through long hours, great communication, and extended pours, the polished contractor was able to not only meet but exceed these demands