Concrete sprayed over metal has been used to create a variety of structures but this is the first report we've had of the use of the technique for building a bigger than life size dinosaur. A gasoline station owner in Florida has utilized the Sinclair trademark to build a station 90 feet long, 36 feet wide and 43 feet high with an oval shaped 74 by 36 foot service area and 2,350 square feet of usable floor space. Arched openings provide access to mechanical, lubrication and washing areas. Closed areas are located under breast and tall sections. Since hurricanes are common in the area, the structure was designed for wind pressures varying from 30 to 40 psf with height. The thin shell consists principally of elliptical parabolas with 4 main transverse concrete stiffening ribs. Parabolic in shape, these ribs are 15 feet apart and spring from each side of the 3 entrance arches. In the neck area a fifth concrete rib acts as a torsional stiffener. The reinforcing for these ribs was modified so that, as arched space trusses, they support the dead load. Steel pipe 2 and one-half inches in diameter was shaped to from the arches of the entrance doorways, the general contours of body shape, and to brace the space trusses. The spine was formed of 2 inch pipe.