The main entrance hallway at the Defense Information School at Fort Meade serves as America's tip of the spear to journalists around the world. In this most recent renovation, polished contractor Industrial Caulk and Seal was asked to refresh an aging polished floor and to replace an exhausted yellow ribbon on that floor in honor of the men and women that are deployed around the world in service to the country.

As part of the overall finished look, the owner wanted to darken the existing concrete and update two different colors of yellow ribbon intertwined throughout the floor's surface. Ameripolish concrete dyes were used to achieve the desired look. Ameripolish offers versatile colorant for polished concrete that mixes with water or acetone. The color penetrates and chemically bonds to the concrete, which resists fading and results in a rich color even on hard concrete.

Through exhaustive layout and radius concrete cuts, the polished contractor was able to apply multiple colors of dye to achieve the final finish.

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