A pier and grade beam foundation was designed to overcome issues involving saturated soils at the site. Floor slab placement was accomplished in small sections because we were required to build working pads to support the cranes while erecting structural steel and place concrete as the steel erection developed. However, this process required that we place unusually small sections of slab and run the risk of inclement weather. An unexpected thunderstorm developed while crews were placing the largest of the prepared areas. Unable to finalize the concrete finish, we could only cover the slab to save it, allowing the wind, rain, and water to deform the surface as it cured.

We were concerned that the resulting variation in the concrete surface would or cause the intended acid stained concrete specified for the floor finish to present differently or not match in open areas within the floor plan where adjacent slabs had been placed and properly floated, finished, cured and cut.

Terry Reese, owner of Mid-South Painting and Concrete Polishing suggested a remedy involving diamond polishing, tooling, surface repair, grinding, dye application, densification, application of a stain inhibitor and sealer. Finally, machine polishing the finished floor surface brought a mirror-like shine to the entire slab which the client found very appealing.

We found this project very appealing to the type of floor systems we like to create. Consisting of an auditorium space, basketball court, and multi-purpose area, there is also a 26-foot-high indoor climbing wall, full service kitchen, electronic games area, an internet cafe, snack bar, outdoor dining area, and an administrative office area.

The combination of floor tooling, equipment, and products used will allow this floor to withstand years of teen-age use.

Recognizing a need to serve the youth of the community, this Outreach Center was built to provide a safe environment for after-school activities to students as well as provide additional space for the church's existing ministry programs.

The exterior design was chosen to provide a contrast to the existing buildings on campus. The interior design pallet consists of polished concrete, painted exposed structure, bright painted colors and bold wall graphics.

Our client was extremely pleased with the flooring system.