Category: Residential
Location: East Hampton, NY
Size: 6,500 sq. ft.
Masonry Used: Pennsylvania Limestone, Blue Ice Stone, Pietra Cucina Bianco Luna, Porto Limestone, and Verde Jurassic.
Submitted by: Barnes Coy Architects

Project Description

The owners wanted a very modern house, they also desired for warm materials that would reinforce the villages 350 year history. Materials used are sensitive to the historic character of the area while looking thoroughly modern at the same time. Stone was used in this project as a symbol of strength, privacy, and protection. The high stone wall that defines the outdoor courtyard also maintains privacy from the driveway. As it turns the corner, the same wall seamlessly comes into the main living space becoming the only solid and strong wall in that room. Within the lower level, the inside and outside become ambiguous with elements such as the custom glass windows and doors details, continuous stone walls, and stone pavers that are used both inside and outside the house. The clients, a family with two children, wanted public and private areas, a request the architects met with two asymmetrical wings positioned at right angles to either end of the main space. One wing contains the kitchen and children's and guest rooms; the other the master suite. These wings meet in a 14-foot-high glass box, the main living space, which is parallel to the view of the pond. Opposite the pond view side of the main room is a courtyard defined by a high stone wall, providing privacy from the street for the transparent room. The shorter wing terminates the glass box with a two-story high stone wall, with a narrow passage emphasizing the strength and sheltering character of stone. The stairway up to the master suite is contained within the thickness of the stone wall, which creates a feeling of bastion-like privacy and protection. Turning at the landing, one is suspended on a platform within a transparent glass corner. The bedroom itself is transparent from floor to ceiling on three sides, with views of the pond, the pool, and the trees.

Project Participants

Architect/Desinger: Christopher Coy & Robert Barnes, Barnes Coy Architects

  • General Contractor: Tom Choi, Ben Krupinski Builders
  • Masonry Contractor: Robert Kessler, Kessler Stone
  • Masonry Consultant: Robert Kessler, Kessler Stone
  • Landscape Architect: Oehme Van Sweden