Remodeler Texas Bomanite has worked with Hope Fellowship Church in Frisco, Texas for several years in different construction phases throughout the main areas of the building. The floors of the lobbies, stairs, hallways, and sanctuaries have all been upgraded. The team also completed over 1,800 square feet of Grasscrete, or cellular grassed concrete paving, in the parking lot.

The main challenge in this project was working around the schedule of the parishioners and staff who utilize both the inside and outside of the building for classes, church services, and gatherings. This required the team to work overnight on numerous occasions to remain on schedule.

Currently the crew is completing an overnight project that will refurbish a portion of the building, a correction from a previous construction job. So far, over 40,000 square feet of concrete has been polished to 1500 grit with a salt and pepper finish. 2,820 linear feet of polyurea joint filler has been completed, and 4,850 square feet of concrete has been sealed. The dyes selected for the job were Ameripolish in chocolate brown (STC-1) and Ameripolish in walnut (STC-2). The stain adds a warm touch to the church's floors which makes the space even more inviting.