“Self-cleaning” impeller reduces unplanned downtime due to rags and other common wastewater debris.

The Godwin Dri-Prime NC350 is the largest pump in the NC line, a powerful pump offering flows to 6,530 GPM and discharge heads to 160 feet. The higher flow capabilities are ideal for wastewater applications where other pumps could clog or fail.

The NC350 features patented Flygt N-technology with an innovative self-cleaning impeller for non-clog performance. NC series pumps are engineered to deliver sustained high efficiency, lower energy and fuel costs, and reduced unplanned downtime. This makes the NC350 a best-in-class portable pump suitable for both sewage and clean water applications.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Dri-Prime automatic self-priming system that primes and re-primes from dry to 28 feet without operator assistance
• Hard-Iron™ (60 HRC) impeller and insert ring
• Dry-running high-pressure oil bath mechanical seal with highly abrasion-resistant silicon carbide faces
• Close-coupled centrifugal pump for easy pumpend or engine/motor changeover in the field

The NC350 can be customized with a diesel engine or electric motor. It is also available as a Critically Silenced unit or as a Godwin DBS for pump station backup.

Xylem. www.xyleminc.com

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