Hot-in-place asphalt recycling

Re-HEAT gives road crews a cost-efficient, environmentally responsible way to mill and overlay asphalt payment. It consists of a preheater, and a heater/recycler; together, the system measures just over 80 ft. long. The preheater gradually heats the existing 2 in. to 3 in. of pavement to 200° F. The heater/recycler then brings the temperature up to 350° F, paddles collect the softened material into an on-board asphalt drum mixer. Rejuvenating oil is introduced, and the recycled hot mix is applied.

Gallagher Asphalt Corp.

Booth 968

Sidewalk injury prevention

The company offers a range of solutions to help agencies prevent tripping and subsequent injury due to faulty sidewalks. Choose from sidewalk grinders, scarifiers, surface prep equipment, and stripe removers. The company is offering free trip-abatement clinics at its booth during APWA Congress; a summary of the clinic content will be available by request after the show.

Booth 1944

Infrastructure management software

The company offers infrastructure asset management software solutions and services for government agencies. These solutions are designed to enable public works pros to more effectively and efficiently invest in infrastructure assets while maximizing asset performance, maintenance budgets, and long-term lifecycles. The Web-based products can be scaled to meet the requirements and budgets of various agencies. Modules for specific asset types include bridges, pavement, fleets, telecom, signs and signals, and others.

AgileAssets Inc.
Booth 1665

Manhole liner

PermaCast MS-10,000 structural liner is an ultra-high-strength, corrosion-resistant mortar designed to reinforce, seal, and protect existing brick, block, or precast concrete manholes. The material is made of specially formulated fiber-reinforced portland cement engineered for underground sewer structures. It's installed by the company's trained and certified applicators, and allows for bi-directional centrifugal compaction applied uniformly from top to bottom for consistent thickness and easy inspector verification.

AP/M Permaform

Booth 1756

Construction guidebook

The 2012 edition of Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (popularly known as the “Greenbook”) is designed to help establish and maintain uniformity of plans and specifications accepted and used by those involved in public works construction, and to take other steps designed to promote more competitive bidding by private contractors. It provides specifications with general applicability to public works projects, such as the thickness of asphalt and the type of glue used on road surface reflectors. The five parts include General Provisions, Construction Materials, Construction Methods, Rock Products, and Pipeline System Rehabilitation.

BNI Building News
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Security screw

Key-Rex helps public works departments save money and increase public safety by preventing vandalism, and theft of valuable assets. The product enables protection of a range of items with screws and bolts that have custom-shaped keyways, which can be fastened or unfastened only with the use of a custom-shaped bit.

Bryce Fastener

Booth 1476

Asset management system

Camcode uses bar-code asset tags to help managers track traffic signs for retroreflectivity compliance. Users can catalog and identify traffic signs, maintain accurate maintenance records, and keep tabs on work-history reporting. The tags are durable, remaining readable and usable for approximately 30 years.


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Emergency response containers

ERB containers enable public works departments and other emergency responders quickly mobilize and deal with a range of crises. They help minimize environmental impact with less remediation afterwards, and they enable key onsite personnel effectively react to emergency situations. Three units are available: stationary, ready-to-go, and mobile. Customers also can customize the gear inside to meet their specific needs.

Consolidated Fabricators Corp.

Booth 677

Snow/ice control panel

The Freedom 2 control panel features touchscreen display, guided setup and calibration, and durable lightweight design. The panel can replace previous StormGuard models via drop-in replacement. Other features include 8 MB RAM, 4 MB flash memory, tactile switches and encoders, and day/night contrast modes for ease of visibility in various operating conditions. Three versions are available with a varying degree of advanced features.

Certified Power Inc.

Booth 534

Hydraulic cement

Rapid Set is a fast-setting hydraulic cement for use in concrete repair applications requiring high durability and fast strength gain, such as highway pavement, bridges, tunnels, sidewalks, precast structures, and other jobs. To use, mix the material with water and aggregates. The material offers extremely high strength, low shrinkage, and long-lasting repairs.

CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp.

Booth 1553

Driving safety solution

DriveCam helps increase worker and public safety by monitoring driver behavior and encouraging safe driving practices, preventing collisions before they happen. The Video Event Recorder monitors and captures driving behavior, providing real-time feedback. The system can analyze and score driver behavior, create coaching to improve safety, upload video and data for monitoring and further analysis, and provide online training. Fleet managers can use the system to compare data of different drivers and regions to identify and target problem areas.

DriveCam Inc.

Booth 491

Mechanical broom sweepers

The Broom Badger is a dual-engine mechanical broom sweeper mounted on an Isuzu NRR 19,500-lb., Class 5 cabover chassis. The machine is easy to operate and maintain and doesn't require a commercial driver's license to operate. The compact, low-profile design allows easy access to tree-lined streets. The short, 109-in. wheelbase and a tight turning radius is ideal for cul-de-sac curb lines and narrow, winding streets. Other features include a large-capacity side-dump hopper, and variable displacement, load sense piston pump-type hydraulics. An air-ride suspension is optional.

Elgin Sweeper

Booth 701

Industrial coatings

The company offers a range of coatings and application systems to help managers protect street sweepers, manholes, pipes and culverts, tanks, plow blades, truck beds, and other assets — to save costs associated with maintenance and replacement. The line of coatings includes spray-foam insulation, waterproofing, corrosion and abrasion control, and others.

Custom Linings

Booth 544

Dust control

Durablend is an enhanced chloride dust control and road stabilization product that provides an efficient, environmentally friendly alternative to typical chloride treatments with comparable performance. It blends an organic-based polymer with magnesium chloride or calcium chloride; the combination locks dust particles and aggregate together in the top 0.5 in. of the road, preventing them from migrating and maintaining the base, even after rainfalls.

Envirotech Services Inc.

Booth 1750

Project management

Project Coordination lets municipalities, utilities, and other government agencies share construction/maintenance projects and schedules via an online map. It automatically identifies conflicting construction and maintenance projects in the ROW and enables real-time communication between organizations to resolve conflicts. It maintains relevant contact information for projects, so users can email staff directly from the application. Users also can set alerts, view schedules, add projects and details, and share information about current and future projects with stakeholders.

Envista Corp.

Booth 733

Airport pavement striper

The Pro Series 1300 striper exceeds the new FAA advisory circular AC150/5340-1K, which mandates automatic glass bead dispensing. The pressurized bead drop system is designed specifically for airports, delivering 24-in.-wide single-pass paint and bead operation and regulated bead flow control. It also has an automated air dryer for clog-free bead dispensing, and a self-propelled speed-control system for accurate and consistent mil thickness and proper bead embedment for maximum nighttime retroreflectivity.

EZ-Liner Industries

Booth 1848

Manhole covers

PAMREX manhole covers bear loads to 120,000 lbs., can be maneuvered with a single operator, offer reduced infiltration, feature automatic surge release, and include odor control features. Anti-theft cover locks prevent vandals from making off with valuable assets and are easy to install and use. Gasket rings absorb traffic shock and help prevent breakdown of frame materials. The covers and frames are made of ductile iron. Covers from 24 in. to 32 in. are available.

Famcon Pipe and Supply Inc.

Booth 945


Federal aid guide

Federal-Aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies is a Web-based library of informational videos and other resources designed to give agencies guidance on managing federally funded transportation projects. The site includes modules on different topics that provide clear, focused explanations in plain language, with illustrated examples. Information is organized into seven areas: Federal-aid Program Overview, Finance, Environment, Right-of-Way, Civil Rights, Project Development and Project Construction, and Contract Administration.

Federal Highway Administration

Booth 1924

Concrete repair

Fusion-Crete is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, durable pavement repair material. To use, add the material to water, mix with portland cement and sand, and use the mortar to repair and resurface concrete. It can be mixed and applied in any consistency, from dry-pack mortar for formless repair to medium consistency for overlays. Other benefits include high flexural strength, abrasion and chemical resistance, and nonslip surfaces.

Fusion-Crete of U.S.
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