The Vactor 2100i combination sewer cleaner improves efficiency and reduces fatigue via IntuiTouch: a 7-inch touchscreen in the cab to activate the PTO/transfer case by pushing one button and another screen on a glove-friendly panel mounted at the front of the truck for tracking and tweaking water pressure and flow, hose footage, chassis RPM, and vacuum information (water level and debris tank level data and wireless remote control are optional).

The external control panel articulates on a 90-degree arc, improving accessibility and visibility as operator works the hose reel and boom. Other new ease-of-use features include hose reel and boom joysticks and one dial for matching water flow and pressure to requirements. E-stops located at all operator control points bring the unit to a safe condition to protect both operator and equipment.

Like its predecessor the 2100 Plus, the 2100i's JetRodder water pump provides continuous flows through its entire 0-gpm-to-100-gpm operating range up to 3,000 psi with easily activated jackhammer action for long runs or blockages. The Multi-Flow system lets operators set the flow at a lower rpm, improving fuel economy without sacrificing performance. A new rapid-deployment boom (called the RDB1015) telescopes 10 feet out and extends debris hose down 15 feet, minimizing the need for additional tubes and speeding operation in a wide range of dynamic applications.

Available in three configurations:

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